Inbound Teleservices
Direct to CSRDirect to CSR

Direct to CSR

A Direct to CSR Inbound Campaign gives your company a toll free number, and a fully staffed call center to handle all of your customer service needs. Our Direct to CSR Inbound Campaigns are often complimented with our
IVR / Automated AttendentIVR / Automated Attendent

IVR / Automated Attendent

When using our IVR / Automated Attendant Inbound solution you will find that we configure your IVR to be quickly and in-expensively setup, navigated, and/or modified to meet even the most complex needs.
Messaging / VoicemailMessaging / Voicemail

Messaging / Voicemail

Providing your customers a toll free number to dial will generate more calls back to you and results in more opportunities to sell.
Transfer offsiteTransfer offsite

Transfer offsite

Receive a toll free number that your customers can dial and a menu system that allows them to transfer to up to 6 different phone numbers or opt out for a general mail box to leave a message. You are then notified via email that you have a new voicemail.
Overflow Customer SupportOverflow Customer Support

Overflow Customer Support

Our overflow call center associates will provide your callers with the information they are looking for when you are unavailable, eliminating the need for a second call, overall eliminating repeat calls.

Blended Teleservices
Program Enrollment SystemsProgram Enrollment Systems

Program Enrollment Systems

Custom solution for your businessCustom solution for your business

Custom solution for your business

About QVSM

Since 1996, QVSM’s highly skilled call center professionals have helped companies achieve their goals for prospecting, marketing, data gathering, and customer service through high-quality inbound, outbound, and blended call center solutions.

Our call center in Rockford, Illinois features state-of-the-art call center technology, including complete reliance on VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) technology to ensure call quality, avoid phone company congestion, and dramatically reduce our clients’ costs. What’s more, our technology is extraordinarily flexible, allowing us to tailor the most effective program for each client’s unique objectives.

A certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), QVSM is led by Marie and Steve Korn, who have extensive experience in helping both B-to-B and B-to-C clients leverage the business potential of teleservices. But don’t take our word for it -- we’ll be happy to put you in touch with our clients, who will tell you about the insight, ideas, and intensive attention we’ve brought to their needs.

Our PartnersOur Partners

Our Partners

Companies that QVSM Partners with

Outbound Teleservices
Appointment SettingAppointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Our outbound appointment-setting solutions are a cost-effective way to blanket an area and get your sales team face-to-face with prospects who are likely to buy. Thanks to our use of state-of-the-art high-speed dialing technology and predictive dialers, our call center professionals can connect with more prospects per hour.
Business to BusinessBusiness to Business

Business to Business

Whether you’re prospecting for new clients or customers, trying to strengthen your relationship with existing ones, or simply wish to gather data about your marketplace, our outbound call center professionals are ready to provide cost-effective assistance.
Business to ConsumerBusiness to Consumer

Business to Consumer

Every call with an interested prospect is reviewed by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that it meets your standards (and ours). Then we transmit the details and a recording of the call via email, so you hear the prospect’s response firsthand and can take immediate action.
Insurance Lead ProgramInsurance Lead Program

Insurance Lead Program

QVSM has worked with insurance agencies since 1996 and knows the value of top quality leads. We now have a program that will provide your agency with EXCLUSIVE pre-screened by phone, auto insurance quote requests seconds after we complete our call.
Survey and GovernmentSurvey and Government

Survey and Government

Optimized predictive dialing for your demographic allows Qvsm to intricately target your Government or Survey based campaigns. Dialing laws governing these types of campaigns are much more flexible than consumer campaigns, and and yield useful data that can then be turned around into an outbound business to consumer campaign with special offers custom tailored to meet your businesses goals.
Automatic Drop MessageAutomatic Drop Message

Automatic Drop Message

Automatically dropping messages to your consumers and clients provides your business with a quick way to contact a blanket with a special announcements, upcoming events, and more.