Blended call center solutions

As busy schedules make it more difficult to capture the attention of prospects, we can deliver a strategic approach that blends the advantages of both inbound and outbound call center services. This strategy extends the power of outbound solutions by adding an inbound component that lifts response rates and identifies prospects with a strong interest.


Here’s now our blended approach typically works: we develop a professionally prerecorded message designed to pique the interest of the recipient. When our outbound call center professionals encounter a voice mailbox or an answering machine, our system will instantly play that message, which includes a toll-free number. Then, when the recipient calls that number, at any time of day or night, our professionals are ready to deliver your message.


Combining our solutions in this way provides a solid bump in response rates at a significantly lower cost per contact. And because the inbound callers are curious enough to respond, they’ll be more receptive to your sales message and more likely to respond positively.

Blended solutions QVSM has to offer
Program Enrollment SystemsProgram Enrollment Systems

Program Enrollment Systems

Custom solution for your businessCustom solution for your business

Custom solution for your business

Inbound with a personal touch

Adding an inbound component to an established outbound appointment-setting program allowed us to achieve a significant increase in scheduled appointments for agents of a leading property and casualty insurer.

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