Inbound call center solutions

We recognize that incoming phone calls are more than just a way to generate business. How those calls are handled is a direct reflection of your reputation among clients and customers. That’s why we train our inbound call center professionals to recognize that they’re acting as an extension of your business.

Inbound solutions QVSM has to offer
Direct to CSRDirect to CSR

Direct to CSR

A Direct to CSR Inbound Campaign gives your company a toll free number, and a fully staffed call center to handle all of your customer service needs. Our Direct to CSR Inbound Campaigns are often complimented with our
IVR / Automated AttendentIVR / Automated Attendent

IVR / Automated Attendent

When using our IVR / Automated Attendant Inbound solution you will find that we configure your IVR to be quickly and in-expensively setup, navigated, and/or modified to meet even the most complex needs.
Messaging / VoicemailMessaging / Voicemail

Messaging / Voicemail

Providing your customers a toll free number to dial will generate more calls back to you and results in more opportunities to sell.
Transfer offsiteTransfer offsite

Transfer offsite

Receive a toll free number that your customers can dial and a menu system that allows them to transfer to up to 6 different phone numbers or opt out for a general mail box to leave a message. You are then notified via email that you have a new voicemail.
Overflow Customer SupportOverflow Customer Support

Overflow Customer Support

Our overflow call center associates will provide your callers with the information they are looking for when you are unavailable, eliminating the need for a second call, overall eliminating repeat calls.

Small things can be big things

Recognizing that 95 percent of customer-service calls were for minor issues a technology company engaged our team to handle basic issues. When a user called with a more significant problem, we transferred the call to the client’s help center.

Choosing an inbound solution for your business can be overwhelming, let us help.

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